Older businesses used to rely on things like signs, coupons, fliers, banners, and print advertising to lure in customers. Radio and television made it possible for sound and video elements to be incorporated. These days, you have to do it online. Traditional marketing methods are still around, but in an age where everyone has a smartphone in their hand, you need a website and a way to draw people to it. SEO is a crucial part of this.

In the modern world, you have to put a website up to let people know about your business. That’s true even if you don’t actually sell anything through the Internet. It was true then, and it’s true now, if customers don’t know you exist, they’re not showing up, nor is their money.

In previous generations, business advertising was done a lot with sign creation. Brick and mortar stores and businesses still put up signs, but they also pay for search engine optimization. Paying others to do it is smart if you don’t have the time or technical inclination. Just as much as your customers expect your business solutions they pay for to work out for them, you can expect increases in brand awareness and visitor traffic to your site when you pay a reputable digital marketing agency for SEO work.

The right signage explains just what your store is really about. Your website needs this in order to draw in traffic, and then your website should convert that traffic into business.

Do You Know Why Search Engine Optimization Is Crucial To Your Business?

Search engine optimization comes in a pair of forms. The first is on-page, which happens on your website. The second is off-page, which tells folks on the Internet that your site exists and has links pointing to come to it.

You have to tell the world about your business. That’s true for all kinds of businesses, whether you’re a gas station on the corner of a busy intersection, a retail outfit with both brick and mortar space open to the public, or just a single website you run from home. Your website is your store in the online world, and you have to put up the cyber-equivalent of road signs pointing to it and labeling it. These signs let consumers online know what distinct products or services you have to offer and why they should buy them from you. Let them know you can solve the problem they have, or how you can make their life better or save them money. Those are the three biggest decision makers in where to shop.

Online consumers use search engines to find these answers, comforts, and savings. Google is the biggest, but Bing and Yahoo are major players too. The use of SEO in your unique description covering your business is what will show up in search engine results. If you’re not doing SEO, you might as well have a locked door and no lights on. You certainly won’t have any customers.

Off-page And On-page Search Engine Optimization

On-page SEO is a lot like a business sign on the side of the building. On-page SEO isn’t strangely named, because it’s really just any SEO that happens right on your own website. As you drive around town, you see signs letting you know about businesses that are nearby, but not actually where the signs are, such as billboards. That’s more like off-page SEO. SEO and signs have something in common; as you keep paying for more SEO or more signs, more people see the results and know about the business being advertised.

A generation or more ago, a manager, owner, or entrepreneur wanting more customers would put out spots on TV and radio. In the online arena, that would be the contemporary choices of PPC, which stands for Pay Per Click. Internet advertising can run up a large bill. If your budget allows it, and you want your website to grow as fast as it can, then you would use both SEO and PPC.

Both have their advantages. PPC can generate quick results while SEO builds up, but it does cost money. Also, PPC is like print ads or a limited commercial run. Once the money dries up, there’s no more advertising. The people that see your ads do so once, and then never again unless you run more.

It’s not that much different from running a newspaper ad. Once you read a paper and see the daily ad, it’s not going to magically reappear the next day unless someone paid for that next day.

SEO is more like signage. Once a sign is erected, it’s there permanently. You practically just pay for a sign once to be created, and then it’s yours as long as you want. So, using a created sign (aka SEO) and then using it, is a lot more efficient use of your resources than regular advertising and constant PPC.